Manboobs, Plastic, and Rubberboy

Rubber boy

Rubber boy

Good news for Rubberboy. He will be included in the Alaska Quarterly Review, thanks to Liz Bradfield at Broadsided Press. I will keep you posted as to when. His interview is on hold for the moment because of the breaking news about plastic having estrogen in it since the 60’s and I believe that is why so many men are experiencing man boobs.

It’s akin to applying testosterone externally. There has been cases when children and women have come into contact with a male who is using it. Hair growth and other such abnormalities have occurred.

Anyway, in terms of the Z Factor the umons already have boobs so plastic isn’t an issue. Not sure about the testosterone. Some have perfuse hair growth, but again there are so many factors involved concerning the extra chromosome, it’s hard to decipher what is causing what.

In the meantime the Z is out there in bookstores and all over the Internet. Still trying to guest blog so if anyone can help out, that would be fine. After Rubberboy’s interview, I will be discussing how remote or undesirable places are becoming hot and trendy. One of which houses the umons. So much for affordable housing and the transformation of downtown Brooklyn.


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