Manboobs, Monsters and The B Movie…

Marie Claire245When I first started writing The Z Factor I envisioned it forming a cult following much like the ones associated with B movies. Sort of the Ed Wood sort of thing. I certainly has the makings for one.

I am in the process of looking for an agent that shares the same vision. Not easy. Most agents have their criteria that needs to be adhered to. They don’t respond to receiving your material and are overwhelmed by the number of submissions. If they have any interest they contact you…I think.

This reminds me of back in the days of when the East Village was at it’s height. It had hundreds of galleries, thousands of artists of all types. Back then I was painting much more than I am now (lately aside from writing the Z, I’ve been drawing and doing motion graphics) and dropping my slides off to galleries. I would choose a day of the week and bring as many as 20 sheets of slides with me, drop them off and offer to pick them up the next week, just to have a second chance to talk to the art director, in the hopes of perhaps getting into a group show. Needless to say I was in many and even took the show out to L.A. and showed with Robert Berman and Simone Gad at the B-1 in Santa Monica. It was all good until the decade changed and so did the scene. Much like what had happened to the 60’s. As soon as the 70’s hit it was as if everything went in a different direction. I suppose people grew up, moved, started to have kids, etc., whatever. The point is that it seemed as if everything changed over night. Amazing. It is like turning a corner and you’re in a different part of the world.

Same goes for the arts. Back then everyone was a painter. The galleries were filled with painters. Most of course went onto other things. I don’t hear about Mark Kostabi these days. At one point he was one of the darlings of the art scene. Don’t get me wrong he is still out there, but like so many others he virtually disappeared from whatever scene he helped create.

Today I have noticed that Indie film makers are the new painters. It also seems as if Indie writers (like myself) are gaining a foot hold onto the next or new art fad. The problem is that very few are good. So you have to sift through a lot of shit in order to find art that is worth investing in. And like in the days of the East Village, there is a lot of pounding the pavement. I did it as a painter and illustrator, now author and motion artist. Lots of energy and trying to figure out to get it visible.  I’m told blogging is one way, tagging, calling, Social Media and whatever else one can think of.

But the good news is the book signing at Forbidden Planet, NYC on April 3rd, 7PM. I know I keep reminding people of the event. Just trying to stay one step a head of everything.

More to come…


About cherylgross

Illustrator and author of the Z Factor. Professor Pratt Institute and Bloomfield College. Motion graphic collaborations with poet Nicelle Davis include: In The Circus Of You, Becoming Judas and The Poster Reads; ACTIVE SHOOTER EVENT, travel the video poetry festival circuit. See resume at for other accomplishments.
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