Air Rights Contributes To Condo Cancer And The Perils Of Internet dating…


Yesterday on NPR there was a report on how high rise condos are blocking the sun on certain benches in Central Park. Then the report turned to the real culprit which is another invention, air rights. I remember this years ago. Since Manhattan is not very wide developers were starting to buy air rights from neighboring buildings to build up. This is a problem if you have invested in an apartment with a view. Then your view is taken away by a building next to you, or across the street that is 100 stories taller than the one you live in. Diminishes the value of your property. Not good  if you want to make a profit.

A few blogs ago I talked about the building of Petropolis as a solution to the problem of space. This will also be a topic in my next book titled, Greetings From Karpland (nowhere near finished.) This of course leads into the ever changing world in which we dwell and the possible solution to affordable housing. Building a Petropolis close to NYC would not only create another borough and if it is completely sustainable, there would be no drain on the city what-so-ever. Air rights would probably not be an issue since we would be able to build out. Won’t have to build up for several years. Sort of like creating a ghetto of sorts but with more diversity.

Now onto Internet dating. Is it just me or is everyone having a hard time with it? Sometimes I get the feeling that the people I meet don’t really want to meet anyone. It’s sort of like getting a big box of chocolates (sorry Forest Gump) and taking a bite out of everyone. The only difference is with the box of chocolates you may find one you like.  Internet dating isn’t as simple. I always thought to myself  there is a reason why certain people are single. Internet dating confirms my theory. I also find that with women they either want to hook up immediately or not at all. So the quest continues. My best story is one that I actually never met (good thing) and was a raging lunatic. It was an exchange of emails that went from  (her) I feel we have a connection to some kind of virtual relationship. If I had fed into it, I believe I would have been virtually married at some point. Interesting how this new form of communication (technology) is now determining how we relate to one another.

More tomorrow…



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