Unaffordable Art And Unaffordable Housing…


Another tower is going up. Add it to the list:


The question we would all like to have addressed where and when will affordable housing take place. Granted he is a new mayor and things take time but again this just feeds into the Condo Cancer.

On the art front:


This project by Ryder Ripps has probably gone viral. It’s a cleaver idea and humanizes a taboo topic by engaging hookers he found on Craigs List to make art. Just goes to show when you take someone out of their job, they become less defensive. Although I found it to be a bit long, it’s still a good performance piece or documentary of sorts. Most installation/performance/video/fine art pieces I find could be edited. But I think he did a very good job in getting his point across. Good Internet art. You can also skip a head and watch what you want. He is getting some criticism for it, but I think the piece is pretty important.

Then we have a few more art fairs:


Again with my gallery in Asheville closing, this only feeds my distaste for the homogenization of the gallery scene. I think it’s also tied in to my whole Condo Cancer theory. Building big and buying art to hide the rest of your money. But the art that is being bought is Blue Chip, leaving the mid-career and non art stars unsupported. Then I think back to the time when an artist could live and work comfortably in NY, or any other big city without worry of eviction. I’m also finding that a lot of people I know who are mid-career or approaching it, are finding it harder to get shows and work. I think the whole youth culture attitude is very dangerous. Again it homogenizes our culture by supporting the undeveloped.

And many thanks to Louis for this article from the Huffington Post:


As we know Greece has and is going through some very tough times. Good to know that the graffiti artists are out there producing work that is substantial.



Book by Dr. Buckles:


I should add a disclaimer to this one. Some of it is kind of racy but important none-the-less!

BTW, Ivan is still working on his blog idea. So stay tuned…


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