Porpentine And Video Games. Also Ivan Continues…


My cousin Jeff sent me this article from the Times:


I’m not into video games and I have to admit I’m pretty much in the dark as to what they are about. Reading this article has certainly shifted my point of view. As a matter of fact the person who is the creator, Porpentine in my opinion, should be in the next Whitney Biennial. I’m also crediting Brenda Neotenomie who worked on the game, as well as the Times writer Laura Hudson.

From what I gather the games that Porpentine creates revolve around real life trauma(s) and basic life issues we all have to deal with. This person is addressing their past and present situation which involves real emotions by placing the player in a virtual setting. Most interesting and again I will bring this back to what I’ve been blogging about. What life is like when you live on the fringe, can’t afford the Condo Cancer and at a very early age you learn to survive. Again I applaud this person and their ability to take reality into this particular art form. By the looks of its popularity, there is a definite need for it.

Depression Quest: http://www.depressionquest.com

Howling Dogs: http://aliendovecote.com/uploads/twine/howlingdogs/howlingdogs.html#2o

Begscape: http://aliendovecote.com/uploads/twine/begscape.html

And although this is based on personal experience, I think it addresses an aspect of our society that involves all of us. For the most part, we can’t escape trauma and depression. As a matter of fact this describes my ex:

Although Porpentine is a bit guarded about specifics, she describes her childhood as a survival experience: an isolated, cultish upbringing in which she often retreated into books to block out reality.“I would read all the time just to ignore what was going on around me, to ignore the yelling,” she said. “I’d read nutrition labels during every meal.” Words became her only form of escape; they started to feel like a physical part of her, and in some ways the only form of power she had. -This is a direct quote from the article by Laura Hudson.

So as it turns out The Z Factor isn’t so disconnected after all.  It embraces the reality that is creating virtually reality. Greetings from Karpland will be a lot more explicit. I suppose there is a basic need in us to confront whatever skeletons and wounds we have, in order to prepare us to deal with life as it hits us in the face.

Also Twine is the name of the company: http://www.auntiepixelante.com

Here is something completely different:


Ivan’s Blog:



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