Coney Island Concrete Walk…

Can we still call it a boardwalk? I understand that at some point New York will no longer be the New York everyone remembers and clammer to. It is turning into a very expensive skyscraper city, with all that was held sacred being replaced by boutiques and luxury apartments and condo. As stated in my previous blogs, most of the property owners don’t live here and are still getting tax abatements. Even the less desirable places are becoming unaffordable. Once this generation is pushed out, that’s it. And now I hear Detroit is being snatched up as well. Too cold there anyway.




Watchwhereyou'regoing037 copyCurbed is pretty good at reporting but I think they are about $1000 short on the rents. They also forgot to include Brooklyn and Queens:

And now onto another serious matter:

I have stated on Facebook that the reason why people join these groups like Al-Queda and Boko Haram is for a sense of belonging. It puts them in a place of power and supposed family. Never mind the blood baths they create. Obviously they have no regard for life on any level. Hopefully at some point they will turn on each other. Unfortunately we probably have a ways to go for that.

The Charlie Hebdo incident hit me on many levels. Aside from the horror, Charlie Hebdo was probably the last editorial magazine that had illustrators on staff, (most illustrators freelance.) As the digital age continues to take over the world more and more magazines are going by the wayside. Now if you have an opposing view of some stupid radical group, it’s not safe to go to work. I remember when radicals objective was to fight for your rights, not kill the people who disagree with you. It will be interesting to see if there is any backlash from the French government.

In the meantime read The Z Factor. It gives one a better perspective on things.

Also Ivan is back…


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Illustrator and author of the Z Factor. Professor Pratt Institute and Bloomfield College. Motion graphic collaborations with poet Nicelle Davis include: In The Circus Of You, Becoming Judas and The Poster Reads; ACTIVE SHOOTER EVENT, travel the video poetry festival circuit. See resume at for other accomplishments.
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