One Week And One Day…

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I will continue to post until probably late next week. Then off to a new environment (Heidelberg) to work on Greetings From Karpland. It will be a multi-media extravaganza, or at least I hope so. As you know Ivan is loosing it and a lot of shit will soon hit the fan. He used to be such a nice non violent guy until he decided to prolong his life. I now know why my parents told me not to take drugs, but who listened. Fortunately I escaped and now with a clear mind and body (at least for the most part), I can report on the goings on in Karpland, (which by the way is turning into a fairly insane place.) Well as they say, no good deed goes unpunished and I suppose this story applies to exactly that.

The Z Factor was loosely based on personal experience. Greetings is the aftermath and the second in a trilogy. I am very excited about the show. Again I will be looking for an agent/publisher/gallery for the whole thing. I will also post from Heidelberg.

Ivan will blog again tomorrow so stay tuned…

Also Pratt has been rated #1 art school in the country!!!


About cherylgross

Fine artist, Illustrator and author of The Karpland Chronicles. Professor Pratt Institute and Bloomfield College. Motion graphic collaborations with poet Nicelle Davis include: Commit to Memory: The Precipice of Extinction, In The Circus Of You, Becoming Judas and The Poster Reads; ACTIVE SHOOTER EVENT, travel the video poetry festival circuit. See resume at for other accomplishments.
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