Back To Drawing And Studio Visit

IMG_4116Found this poor girl hanging the other day.

IMG_3806Here is Sandy checking her email.

Very nice visit today from Julia Philippi (Julia Philippi Gallery) and Roswitha who is an artist from the area, who now lives in Heidelberg. Seems as if everyone is connected to this place and most people live in Heidelberg. They will both be coming to the show in April. Yesterday Gerd drove us to yet another supply store to get more goop for the walls and art supplies for Sandy. She is putting up one of her drawings at PippiFax and will be asking children to draw and paint on it. She wants to involve the next generation to contribute to her art. Right now her concept is taking her very beautiful, well rendered drawings and painting over them.  Thus portraying our the disappearing environment. I’m curious to see the results.

On the art front: Started a new drawing today and continuing the story line for Greetings From Karpland. The big news is today is the first day I didn’t need a coat!!!! I think it was in the 50’s but felt like it was in the 60’s. I actually spent time sunbathing on the wall that surrounds the grounds. Weather has finally lifted. The next time I miss the bus I won’t mind the walk, unless of course I’m carrying groceries.

IMG_3963Here is an older photo with snow. No snow today so no worries…I’m dry.

Anyway off to Saarbrücken on Friday to see Claudia’s show. I’ll have more photos and stories to tell. Should be a grand opening. The Stadtgallerie is a very important place.

Also check out Moving Poems:

And just in case you missed the bus ride:

Ivan is back:

Stay tuned…


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