Napoleon Bonaparts’ tree…


Pretty interesting article on the Whitney. I think it opens May 1. In order to avoid the crowds I probably won’t get there until probably later on in the summer. Unless I decide on a class trip of some kind.

This tree that has been chopped once belonged to Napoleon.

Neapoleon'streeDr. Jürgen Schütz former commissioner donated the tree and is responsible for most if not all of the landscape here at Kommandantenhaus. I wonder how Napoleon would feel about his tree being in Germany.

Anyway the show is down and aside from a few social obligations we are winding down. It’s been an amazing 3 months. Difficult at times but when it all came together, I would say it was worth it.

I found meditating or journeying every evening is extremely beneficial. It helped find answers to questions about both life and art, as well as putting things in perspective. The  drawings and writing has become more focused. Every time I was stuck trying to figure out which way to go with the drawings or storyline, it came to me. Sometimes talking to Sandy, sometimes it would just come. Sandy and I will continue to collaborate, but still remain very different. I think it’s a good balance and a nice surprise.

Basically the stage is still being set in Greetings From Karpland. Combining three mediums (writing, animation and drawing) is challenging but when it comes together, it makes sense on every level. This has taken some time to realize and it was a bit stressful not knowing if any or all of it was making sense. But like I said it came together nicely and will continue to grow. I plan producing larger works and will continue to blog out the storyline. I think blogging is to a writer what storyboarding is to a graphic novelist or animator. Seeing all the work (or most) together up on the walls was extremely helpful. I remember reading about how Dr. Seuss would plan out his books. He would pin the drawings in sequential order up on the walls, sit in the middle and go from there. Interesting way to work. Makes perfect sense.

Ivan is back:


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Fine artist, Illustrator and author of The Karpland Chronicles. Professor Pratt Institute and Bloomfield College. Motion graphic collaborations with poet Nicelle Davis include: Commit to Memory: The Precipice of Extinction, In The Circus Of You, Becoming Judas and The Poster Reads; ACTIVE SHOOTER EVENT, travel the video poetry festival circuit. See resume at for other accomplishments.
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