Street Art, Student Protests And Jail…

11d)-cockfight011 copy is one of my favorite sites. Seems as though there is a lot going on and this just proves once again that the pen is mightier than the sword:

Then we have student protests:

Concerning the Brooklyn Museum is this a corporate response to street art? Does this mean that corporate sponsorship has taken complete control of our entire existence as curators and artists? I see street art as a wonderful response to what is going on in the world. It is protest in it’s highest form and most of it, not all is really good. Well presented and very cleaver. Street art also enjoys a freedom and honesty. Since it has no one to report to, it can’t be censored. Ironically it has spawned some super stars such as Banksy and Shepard Fairy (who just received an honorary doctorate from Pratt.) And what is the real reason why this show has been cancelled? Why was Jennifer Pawluck found guilty for just posting a piece of street art of an image of Ian Lafrenière, Montreal police chief? She didn’t create it, just posted it. I suppose if the hashtags weren’t attached perhaps the situation may have played out differently. But in these times of Condo Cancer and corporate take overs, I’m not surprised.

Also my Moving Poems review is alive and out there:

There is much concern for Evelyn’s well being and rightfully so…


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Illustrator and author of the Z Factor. Professor Pratt Institute and Bloomfield College. Motion graphic collaborations with poet Nicelle Davis include: In The Circus Of You, Becoming Judas and The Poster Reads; ACTIVE SHOOTER EVENT, travel the video poetry festival circuit. See resume at for other accomplishments.
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