Blog Woes…

Trying to blog today but I’m running into a few snags. Hopefully this will be OK and I will be able to continue using WordPress. It’s kind of weird because I’m blogging so infrequently and I would like things to run smoothly. Not take up time trying to get things going. Anyway, we are on the last lap of the continued residency at ESKFF, MANA Contemporary. In this relatively short period of time I managed to embark on another series titled: My Very Existence, My Life In The World, Seemed Like A Hallucination. A quote by Haruki Murakami. So far 4 paintings embrace this quote. It’s basically the way I’m feeling these days, so finding the quote is kismet.

Still haven’t forgotten about Karpland. It’s still in the mix and waiting in the wings. Stay tuned for more and hopefully an e book.