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Some say it’s science fiction, others say it is our future.

Panel 8, Don’t Know About The People But The Scarecrows Are Crooked…Issa


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Panel 8 in Progress With Harley…

The saga continues so stay tuned…

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Progress in Karpland, Panel 7

The saga continues….stay tuned…..

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Painting #6…Migration

Although the umons have legal status, Trump issues them to be deported to Karpland anyway.  This is life under his administration. Interesting development: rumor has it that Trump’s youngest son Barron carries the Z chromosome and is indeed umon. This … Continue reading

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Reminder- Title Goes Here

[Rating – 4/5] I‘ve thought about reviewing comics lately. But instead of just covering mainstream material, I said I’d do indie too. After searching carefully, I came across Capacitas. Spaghett It’s not Spanish — I thought so too. It’s actually a…

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Panel 6-Ash U~BUZZES The Priests…

Stay tuned….

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The Red Elephants Have Come To Karpland. Panel 4 at #ESKFF

The Red Elephants-brought over from Africa to help save them from extinction. By getting into the U~BUZZ supply they have turned t red and are developing eveything umon. Actually this works in their favor. Their tusks are now a nice pink … Continue reading

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