Emil Ferris…


I Heard Emil Ferris speak yesterday at Pratt’s Comic Convention. Her new book My Favorite Thing Is Monsters is on my reading list. Everyone who has read it insists that I do the same, so I bought it. After the lecture she and I had a brief but inspiring conversation. It seems we share the same sense of humor, which is rare. Although the book would fall into the category of graphic novels, the format is more sketch book. This is a great departure from traditional graphic novels and a good source for alternatives book making. My residency at ESKFF Foundation over at MANA involves a form of book making, so needless to say this is perfect. Very inspiring.

I am doing another cover for the series of poetry chapbooks for Business Bear Press. I will post them when I get the OK. Just finished one on Sheep.

Nearing the end of a very interesting semester. It has been a real eye opener. New curriculum, new boss, new renovations, new placement of classrooms, etc. Hopefully by the end of next semester we will be somewhat stable enough to start feeling a bit more comfortable. I have been at Pratt a long time and experiencing  such dramatic changes all at once is unsettling. But like Emil Ferris, I am a survivor. And I started reading her book. So far it’s very cool.

Stay tuned. There will be more….

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Jersey City gallery welcomes the public to experience art ‘THROUGH THE EYES OF AN ARTIST’

Louis Bolling

Jersey City’s Panepinto Galleries recently opened its latest exhibit “THROUGH THE EYES OF AN ARTIST,” featuring the works of 56 artists from Jersey City, Hoboken, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx.

Presented in collaboration with real estate investment company Spear Street Capital, highlights of this must-see exhibition include the the delicate detailed drawings of Dina Brodsky, hard-lined geometric compositions by Ryan Roa, fascinating life-like sculptures of Will Kurtz, realist paintings by Peter Drake, and the abstract oil paintings of Stephen Cimini.

The more than 70 extraordinary works of art showcased in this group exhibition explore the theme of an artist’s perception of contemporary life, while illustrating the vast diversity of today’s art world simultaneously.

“Thrilled” to have one of her photograms featured in the Powerhouse Arts District gallery co-founded by Stefania Panepinto, visual artist Ann Giordano was one of many that 

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The Red Elephant…

The RedElephant

Poaching is illegal in Karpland. In order to help save them from extinction, a number of African elephants have been gathered and shipped off to the islands. Needless to say they have been an enormous asset in the restoration of Karpland’s amusement park, which was devastated by the hurricane. Elephants are known to exist in warm climates, but for some reason after a short period of time, they have turned red. The Red Elephants, (as they are now referred to) seem to be enjoying their new life in Karpland, despite their change in color. Aaron thought that perhaps this was due to sunburn. As it turns out it’s a new development in their pigmentation. This goes along with his theory that this was caused by global warming. Another theory is the fact that U~BUZZ was spilled into their water. That could also be the reason. Now let’s see if they develop blow holes.

Stay tuned…

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Global Birthday Cake…


As you know I’ve been pretty busy getting things in order. Gearing up for the ESKFF residency this coming January.

Anywho, here is something I came across that I think is important. It’s about Chinatown and the impact one show has had on the community.

The opening at Panepinto was great. When in JC check it out.

A few shows are opening this week:

JacksonNewark Gallery in Hoboken, curated by Kristen DeAngelis of 107 Bowers.

Novado Gallery has an opening on Saturday.

Greetings will be available in April 2018. Stay tuned for that. Should be cool.

Again stay tuned, 2017 isn’t over yet.


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HALLOWEEN SPECIAL – The haunting inner world of Francis Bacon

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Originally posted on The Surrealist Junkie:
Odilon Redon, ‘The crying spider’ (1881) In the art world there are a few stand out artists whose works are truly terrifying to behold: Henri Fuseli, Francisco Goya, H. R. Gieger, Hieronymus Bosch, Theodore…

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Elephants Review…


Elephants just got a very cool review. Thank you Mom Egg and Tessara Dudley!

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MANA and Opening Tomorrow, 6-9…

Bowling4Dollars copy

GOOD NEWS!!!! I got the Eileen Kaminsky Residency over at MANA Contemporary, starting Jan 2 through the end of March. I will be working on the last installation of the Karpland Chronicles, Lullaby of Karpland. Stay tuned for this one. Still waiting to hear from the last publisher for Greetings from Karpland.

Opening tomorrow night:

Invites Blackcopy

If you’re in town and can pop over to see the show, you won’t be disappointed.

Again, stay tuned. It’s been a stressful and busy few months, but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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