Summer Course…


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Life, Debt and Elephants…


Above: Illustration that assists no written text.

It’s been a stressful week in terms of school. The powers that be are in the process of changing everything. And when I say everything…I MEAN EVERYTHING. So I am taking my own advice and staying tuned to whatever challenges that will occur. Hopefully all minds will remain intact and life won’t become too much of a shit show.

I’m catching up and gearing up to visit friends and family in Ft. Myers, Florida. Should be fun, restful and interesting. If I miss blogging next week it’s because I won’t be taking my computer. I’m used to working on my laptop but I’m trying to cut down on dragging my life along on this vacation. I think chilling and contemplating the meaning of life are in order.

I believe the chapbook Nicelle Davis and I collaborated on is done. Since I will be away and our dead line is the 15th, I threw in an extra drawing just in case she decides to write another poem. I’ve just seen the PDF and I have to say it’s a very powerful book. Stay tuned for more on that.

Brain Pickings Weekly is one of my favorite Sunday morning websites. They review and excerpt children’s books, poetry, artist insights, etc. I often buy books based on reading their reviews.  Here is one by Ben Shahn on nonconformity.

Art fairs have become the way most galleries are going. For the most part you reach a huge amount of people in a short period of time. There usually is an entrance fee unless a gallery gets a block of free tickets. If you are a member of MOMA, a discount is offered to Frieze. The link talks about how galleries are recouping their costs by splitting it with their artists. Again, we are looking at art as a commodity and reserved for the elite. Thank you ARTFCITY for the articles.

Went to the Debtfair protest at the Whitney last Friday. Many artists read their statements. It was interesting and at the same time depressing, but very important.


Stay tuned for more….



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New Piece Under Construction…


This is part of a larger piece. It will no doubt be part of the next book, Lullaby of Karpland. Last night while watching one of the Thin Man films it was noted that Dashiell Hammett only wrote one book , the film spun into several. This proves that art can have a life outside of its original creator.

Jesus takes front and center on a bench in N. C.. Special thanks to Brainard Carey and NPR for the article.

Cathedral Arts opening last night was a lot of fun. It’s a great show and worth seeing, 39 Erie Street, Jersey City, New Jersey, NJ 07302


Stay tuned for more…

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street art elephant Berlin

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Street Art Berlin Xberg

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CAF Show…

CAF 2017 Postcard

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Walking My Guppy…

With fishAbove new piece: Walking My Guppy. Part of a series of smaller works which are fun.

Marta and I donated a postcard to A.I.R. Gallery. All proceeds go to programming for the gallery. Since Trump has destroyed the NEA, we who still believe in the arts must stick together.

We are at the end of the semester so my head is consumed with grading and getting things in order.

107 Bowers Gallery, Jersey City, Superwoman show will be having a closing party next Saturday the 29th. Then off to the cocktail party Cathedral Arts Show at Grace Church. Somehow I lost my ticket so hopefully they will let me in.

As you know Greetings From Karpland is being read by 2 publishers. After school dies down, I’ll be able to focus on book three.

Stay tuned….

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