Don’t Forget About The Holiday Shows…

Great buys!!

The Z Factor


Commit to Memory #111 Unfinished

Holiday shows are still going strong!!!

Art House

107 Bowers

Barrows Mansion-83 Wayne Street, JC, NJ, 6-9PM

Eonta Gallery

Stay tuned. Shopify is soon to happen….

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The Holiday Shows…



Holiday shows are still going strong!!!

Art House

107 Bowers

Eonta Gallery

Stay tuned. Shopify is soon to happen….


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More News…


Thank you Broadsided Press.  Niece has been Nominated for a Pushcart prize!! Poem by Jennifer Gravley

In The Circus Of You Has been selected for the +Institute (for the experimental arts) poetry film festival, Athens, Greece

DUMPED! Lives on!!!!!! Museum of Broken Relationships

Don’t forget the affordable holiday shows: 107 Bowers Gallery

and Art House Productions.

2 person show at Eonta Space coming in May so stay tuned…..


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Adulthood Is Like Looking Both Ways Before Crossing The Street, Then Getting Hit By An Airplane…


Above work in progress.

Don’t forget about the affordable holiday shows:

Art House, 262 17th Street, JC, NJ, (201) 918-6019

107 Bowers Gallery, 107 Bowers, JC, NJ

More to come so stay tuned….

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Commit To Memory Events:


Work in progress, tracing of penguin, Commit to Memory.

Opening Friday:


Art House, 262 17th Street, Jersey City

November 16, 6:30 PM.

107 Bowers will be having their AFFORDABLE 25 Days of Holiday Art Market show soon.

I’ll be back at the ESKFF Residency, MANA Contemporary this coming January to the end of March. I’ll be hard at work with this huge project titled: Commit to Memory; The Precipice of Extinction.

The project is starting to grow. So far the venues are as follows: a 2 person show with Andrea McKenna coming up in May at The Eonta Gallery here in Jersey City. I’ll keep you posted as we get closer. As it stands now we will be showing some of my animations as well. Very cool. The project will also involve the poetry of Nicelle Davis. Animation, exhibition and Catalog to follow.

The title (or working title) Commit to Memory; The Precipice of Extinction is a common phrase. I came across the term (commit to memory) in a video tutorial. I find it fitting since memory is all we will have left once extinction becomes more apparent.


In the meantime stay tuned….


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La Rana


Newest piece. The subject matter is extinction. Lots more to follow on this. For the moment, The Karpland Chronicles are on hold. Need to take a bit of a break. I do believe this new series will worm its way into Karpland. After all, Karpland is about the end of the world as we know it.

Found this article on Artspace that I found interesting. It’s about miniatures:

And like I’ve said the rest of the Karpland Chronicles are available:

You can buy them through Amazon or through me.

I will be returning to the ESKFF Residency program this coming January-April. Should be pretty cool. I’ll be focusing on the extinction project.

Stay tuned….

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The wonder of evolution

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The ESKFF Residency Book, (Lullaby of Karpland) Now Available…


YES!!! Finally I got it together and produced the third version of the Karpland Chronicles. It’s available through Amazon or you can contact me directly. Lullaby follows the Karpland story and creation of the book as it developed over the three month ESKFF residency over at MANA Contemporary.

Right now I am developing another project concerning Extinction. Pairing up again with Nicelle Davis for another motion graphic and exhibition. We are in the process of writing a few grants. Hopefully by the spring we will know if and when the money will be coming in. I’m excited about this project. I think we are onto something great.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading about the Banksy auction spectacle. I think it was a brilliant move on his part. First it appeared as a fuck you, then it turned into reinventing himself. Funny thing about this high end art market. Reminds of the emperor’s new clothes.

So again, stay tuned…there is a lot more coming and a lot more to complain about.

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Very cool!!

The Z Factor


Update of shows:

Eonta Biennial:

This is a wonderful space tucked away in the heart of Jersey City. It’s a bit hard to find so I included the phone number. It’s at the end of a dead end street. Once you are there it’s as if you have been transported:

34 DeKalb Ave, Jersey City, NJ 201-536-1119

Will be open for JCAST event: Oct. 5    6-10

Opening Friday Nov 9th 6-10pm

Friday 5th 6-10pm

Saturday 6th 2-8 pm

Sunday 7th 2-6 pm (three live bands)

Artists’ reception and gallery hours:

Friday Nov 9th 6-10pm

Saturday Nov 10th 4-8 pm

Sunday Nov 11th 2-6 pm

And Jersey City Fridays weekend in December:

Friday Dec 7th 6-10pm

Saturday Dec 8th 4-8pm

Sunday Dec 9th 2-6pm with the possibility of some live bands

Art House Productions

262 17th St. Jersey City,

Opening Oct.5  6-9

Pro arts Members show:

Grace Church

39 Erie Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302.

Opening Oct.5  6-9 up for the weekend

Let’s not…

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