Who knew when I first stated writing about gender obliteration and the Z Factor, I was so far ahead of the times… or was it a premonition?

On this blog I usually post about our society and our current state of flux. But I will have the final layout of Greetings in my hands tomorrow. My focus will be to continue posting about the Karpland Chronicles, which has turned out to be a (very sad) metaphor that parallels our society as it stands today. Also working on a few political pieces which I will be posting soon.

In the meantime Trump continues to be a shit show. Perhaps he is the storm that divided Karpland?

Stay tuned…

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Politics As Usual…


The above is my version of Pinocchio. The title: Alternative Truth(s).One of many new political pieces.

Met these guys a few years ago at the Zebra Poetry Film Festival in 2014. Today is the film maker’s Masahiro Sugano birthday. Kosal Khiev is certainly a rock star.

Just received the Indivisible Guide from Anne at Drawing Rooms. A need to know on how to survive the Trump Era, (ugh…who’d a thunk it?) You can download the guide.

On the home front Greetings is almost finished. Just a few more pages to layout, one last reread then…DONE!! Looks good. Now if I can just figure out how to insert page numbers, we are set.

Stay tuned…it ain’t over yet!..

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Winter is Here…


Idea and proposal for a new work.

What can I say? Everything we have worked towards/for and achieved is on the line. img_0751

This says it all. 

Anyway, we shall see and as this shit show continues to disrupt our lives…stay tuned.

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President Cheeto…


I went to a diorama party last night. the above image absolutely nailed it. In case it’s unclear, Trump is portrayed as a Cheeto. Special thanks to Anthony & Liam for throwing the party and giving us an evening of solidarity.

This is the news we received while making our dioramas. Trump continues to thin out our rights. Last nights refugee fiasco at our airports, is just one way he has chosen to hurt screw us. The amount of anxiety he is causing is disgusting.

Interesting news from ArtFCity. Here is another article (ArtFCity) that I found worth mentioning. This has been a concern of mine for years…quality.

Needless to say all this really sucks. Is it 2020 yet? I’m ready to vote again. Let’s not forget the Congressional election in 2018.

May I also say thank you to everyone who is protesting and speaking out against this monster.

Stay tuned, more shit is going to hit the fan.



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NYC…The Rally


It was a great day. The weather held up. I came into town with a few women from JC. A woman who flew in from Nebraska took pictures with us and gave us a big hug. We were her first fellow marchers she actually met and talked to.


We finally got to where we were going or somewhat close. I was supposed to meet a few other people but unfortunately my phone died. Everyone was so happy to be in a sea of like minded people. And when I say sea, there were thousands. Thousands carrying signs, wearing pink pussy hats, men, women, children, LGBT, black, hispanic, muslin, jews, christians, people in wheel chairs and many more (I apologize if I have forgotten anyone.) We all came together and marched along side each other. The police were great. There was no violence. We couldn’t get near the speakers but that was OK. We had each other. Some in costume, some carrying signs. People brought their children so some day they can say, “I was there.”


It was a beautiful day. I would guess there had to be at least 1-2 million of us. So many in fact that we spilled over to the other avenues and streets. No violence just peace and getting our point across. There were so many people posting we even crashed the internet.

Found this on Artsy. A few artists to follow.


Above from the show Unnatural Election, curated by Andrea Arroyo

Demonstrations were held all over the world. The Trump inauguration had approximately 250,000 people. When you see the news photos it looked very sparse. When compared to the amount of people who attended The Women’s March in Washington and other areas , it’s hard to believe this guy actually won anything let alone the presidency.

I personally would like to thank all of our brothers and sisters for coming out and being counted yesterday.

Post selfies here: #womensmarchnyc

Stay tuned…



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The Realist, Hyperallergic…


Above: The Alt-Reich

Had to blog this! Special thanks to the Village Voice, R. C. Baker, Fantagraphics and Paul Krassner. Great article worth reading. Think about this on Friday while the so called Alt-Right gloat over their victory.

I’m linking Hyperallergic’s link to events and closings in protest to the inauguration.

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