Panel 8, Don’t Know About The People But The Scarecrows Are Crooked…Issa

Panel 8

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Panel 8 in Progress With Harley…



The saga continues so stay tuned…

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Progress in Karpland, Panel 7

Panel 7

The saga continues….stay tuned…..

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Painting #6…Migration


Although the umons have legal status, Trump issues them to be deported to Karpland anyway.  This is life under his administration.

Interesting development: rumor has it that Trump’s youngest son Barron carries the Z chromosome and is indeed umon. This irks him completely and of course he is trying not to let this leak out to the press.

Trumps Delusion: When Trump smells a “deal”, he jumps on it. He is busy trying to take over Petropolis Ludwigshafen and has decided to convert the U~BUZZ factory into a hotel and casino. Wants to throw in a few condos as well. MALL ART is in on this too.

Sometimes I want to go back in time and punch myself in the face.

Stay tuned…

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Reminder- Title Goes Here

[Rating – 4/5]

I‘ve thought about reviewing comics lately. But instead of just covering mainstream material, I said I’d do indie too.

After searching carefully, I came across Capacitas.


It’s not Spanish — I thought so too. It’s actually a manga from Marika Herzog, also known as demoniacalchild.

Capacitas’ story is about an orphan named Aaron Havers. He’s a hunter, a group formed by C.H.I.L.D that protects humanity from the creatures of PLANEMO, a mysterious planet near Earth.

Haydle in a Neestack

The plot’s easy to follow, the artwork is phenomenal, and it isn’t one of the many experimental, less than serious content littered all over the Internet.

Good art? Check. Great dialogue? Double check. Unique and logical plot? Tell me for yourselves, I’ll leave a link at the end.

You Were My Brother Anakin!

What’s interesting about Capacitas, it wasn’t created by a Japanese artist…

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Panel 6-Ash U~BUZZES The Priests…

Panel6_Ash poisons The Priests

Stay tuned….

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The Red Elephants Have Come To Karpland. Panel 4 at #ESKFF


The Red Elephants-brought over from Africa to help save them from extinction. By getting into the U~BUZZ supply they have turned t red and are developing eveything umon. Actually this works in their favor. Their tusks are now a nice pink color, thereby  leaving them worthless.

Links: ESKFF and ESKFF

More to come so stay tuned…


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