More Housing Horrors…


Again many thanks to Marta Wapiennik for supplying her beautiful backgrounds.

I found this on Curbed New York. It’s a great animation that tells an all too familiar story.

It reminds me of apartments in the 70’s. You could find a relatively cheap living space but it would come with a boat load of problems. Usually in a sketchy neighborhood. Dealing with slumlords and the retards they would hire as supers was indeed challenging. Not supplying the adequate living conditions was usually a tactic the landlords would use to get people out so they could jack up the rent. All very illegal.  Back then the courts were on the tenants side. Now it seems there has been a shift that came along with Condo Cancer. Along with all the new high rise buildings developers are forgetting one very important aspect to living…FOOD SHOPPING. It’s all very well and good to have unaffordable housing as well as blocks of designer stores in neighborhoods that once had character. I still can’t get over Bleecker Street. One big shopping mall.

Horns To Tale is opening tomorrow night. APE Gallery, I’m off the North Hampton to attend the opening and participate on the panel. Should be fun. Everything will resume after my return so stay tuned…


About cherylgross

Illustrator and author of the Z Factor. Professor Pratt Institute and Bloomfield College. Motion graphic collaborations with poet Nicelle Davis include: In The Circus Of You, Becoming Judas and The Poster Reads; ACTIVE SHOOTER EVENT, travel the video poetry festival circuit. See resume at for other accomplishments.
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